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Springbike promotes enjoyable and safe cycling for our members and our community. Let us know what is on your mind. Please contact one of our board members directly, or send a message to Springbike using the form at the bottom of this page.

Springbike Board of Directors

  1. President
    Steve Raper
  2. Bill ScorseVice President
    Bill Scorse
  3. Jerry JeskySecretary
    Jerry Jesky
  4. Patrick TassetTreasurer
    Patrick Tasset
  5. BikeRide Coordinator
    This Position is Open
    Looking for a Volunteer
  6. Duane KeysMembership
    Duane Keys
  7. David HutchisonAdvocacy
    David Hutchison
  8. BikeTube Newsletter Editor
    This Position is Open
    Looking for a Volunteer
  9. James AllenProgram Director
    James Allen
  10. John WhiteTandem Coordinator
    John White
  11. Jason KleinWebmaster
    Jason Klein

Springbike Mailing Address

Send membership applications, membership payments, or other correspondence to this address.

Springbike Bicycle Club, Inc
PO Box 9823
Springfield, MO 65801

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