Thursday, January 30th, 2020 at 4 pm – US Bike Route 51 in Southwest Missouri Coordination Committee

Notes provided by David Hutchison

SMCOG / Levy/Wolfe Building – 110 Park Central Square, Springfield

Attendees: Megan Clark, SMCOG; Ryan Cooper, HSTCC; Zeke Hall, MoDOT: David Hutchison, SpringBike; Natasha Longpine, OTO: Randy Jackson, BikeNWA (phone); Patrick Tuttle, Joplin COC (phone)

Meeting Notes

  • Review scope and process for USBR route development and approval
    • AASHTO has created an outline of potential US Bike Routes. USBR 51 from New Orleans to northwest Minnesota
    • Process is to map out routes, gain approval of local jurisdictions, gain state approval, State will submit in February/March for US approval
    • Councils of Government are working on approvals from local jurisdictions
    • Loop and spur routes are possible: main route will be USBR 51; spurs are preceded by odd number, as USBR 151; loop routes are preceded by even number, as USBR 251
    • (As I understand, route segments must be approved between state lines and previously approved and designated US Bike Routes, i.e.- USBR 66 and USBR 76)
  • Summary of 1/15/2020 Missouri USBR 51 e-conference
    • Attended by MoBikeFed, Adventure Cycling Assoc, MoDOT, ADOT, Joplin area, SMCOG/Springfield area, Kaysinger Basin RPC / Warsaw area, Pioneer RPC / Warrensburg area (absent were HSTCC and NWAR)
    • Routes have been identified and are being refined from Bentonville to Richmond
    • I-49 from Pineville to Bentonville has been funded
    • ADOT will make application for a route along US Highway 71 to State Line in fall 2020 
    • ADOT, NWAR, HSTCC, and Joplin area are working toward route continuing to Joplin and along USBR 66 to Springfield
    • MoDOT will approve a route from state line to state line, not in segments
    • Need to develop contacts in north half of Missouri and find out what Iowa is doing
    • Next teleconferences 5/6/2020 and 9/2/2020
  • Review alternative alignments
    • Direct route from Bentonville to Springfield developed by David that generally parallels and sometimes follows Butterfield Trail and Cherokee Trail of Tears
    • Northwest Arkansas to Joplin area to Springfield via Route 66
    • Consider distance between food, water, and other services along recommended route
    • Designation of routes from Northwest Arkansas to both Springfield and Joplin set up a triangle of approximately 250 miles (400 kilometers) that could be promoted
    • David has researched roadways between Bentonville and Springfield on Google Earth and Ride with GPS, driven most of the routes in auto, and bicycled between Springfield and Aurora
    • Patrick and Brent have been refining the route between Bella Vista and Joplin
    • Randy and Bike NWA team have been focused on route between Fayetteville and Fort Smith and are somewhat familiar with roadways north and east of Bentonville
  • Discuss community desires for route alignment
    • David’s current recommendation
      • Generally, on local roads and some low volume state routes
      • Is on roads that cyclists prefer for rides today
    • Future trail development in Springfield area
      • Grant Avenue Complete Street, 
      • Wilson’s Creek connection between Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park and Ewing Park, 
      • Schuyler Trail along FR 182 between Wilson’s Creek Battlefield and Republic, 
      • Connection between Wilson’s Creek Battlefield and Wilson’s Creek Trail at Republic Road
    • Future preferred route
      • Would more closely align with Butterfield Stage route and pass by Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield
      • Use of trail corridors under development would provide an alternative to some of the less desirable roadways (traffic volume, grade, etc.) to meet destination goals 
  • Assignments
    • Megan, Ryan and others will inform local county and municipal officials and leaders of the route and the preferred roadways
    • SMCOG will prepare map of preferred route and alternatives
    • David will organize bicycle rides from Springfield ultimately to northwest Arkansas
    • Randy will help with roadway review and evaluation from northwest Arkansas
  • Set up next meeting after 5/2/2020 Missouri USBR 51 e-conference


USBR National Corridor Plan
Statewide Missouri bicycle touring routes/potential connections
Kerry’s current USBR 51 summary map:
Butterfield Stage Map & potential synergy with USBR 51.pdf – USBR 51 – Missouri
SW Missouri Regional Trails Plan overview, Jan 2018.pdf – USBR 51 – Missouri
USBR 66 & potentially USBR 51 in west Springfield
Strava cycling heatmap for area
Patrick Tuttle’s Suggested possible routes in SW MO
Brent’s possible routes & related regional bicycle touring route connections in SWMO & NWArk
Brent’s updated, additional regional bicycle routes
Possible USBR 51 from NWAR to Springfield by Springfield area cyclists (David’s Butterfield Google Map route, not ridden) David’s recommendation as of January 2020