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2 Frys and Springfield Brew Co: Thursday Night Ride 15 miles at 15 mph

July 9 @ 5:55 pm - 6:55 pm CDT

Thursday Night Ride 15 miles at 15 mph

Above all else – we want TNR to be safe.

3 TNR groups. Each of a maximum of 25 riders or less.

This group is an average of 15 mph, leaving at 5:55 pm from Temple Israel, doing this course ( or ( or ( If you want more miles don’t stop or ride earlier.

Please remember, all roads are 100% open to traffic – and motorists are tying to get home, after a long day at work. We must obey ALL traffic signals. Do NOT ride wider than two across. Try and ride a single, or at most double/rotating pace-line. When it’s your turn, take a pull on the front, rotate off when ready to the side (into the wind, if there is any component of a cross wind – usually for TNR in the summer it’s from the South – so on the way out, you would rotate to the right (into the south wind) – on the way back, rotate to the left, into the south wind). Talk about wind before you start – and agree as a group which way you’re rotating. Be smooth and calm. No sudden, or unexpected changes of direction. The line will have a rhythm if it’s going well – try to be a smooth, controlled part of it. See video for illustration/info: Even two wide, keep over to the side of the road, so as not to be taking up the entire lane of traffic.

Let’s also try and watch for traffic behind us – and work together to let traffic pass, when needed (even if that means slowing up :)! )

And please, DO NOT RIDE anywhere near the yellow line – even in strong cross winds, and even in a sprint – there may be a frustrated motorist behind you, wanting to pass that you are unaware of, at the exact moment you decide to yellow line it. So please – NO riding near the yellow line.


July 9
5:55 pm - 6:55 pm CDT
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