Ride Calendars

This page contains the Springbike Annual Ride Calendar Worksheet (master list of annual rides) and the Springbike Cycling Calendar (all known cycling rides and events).

Springbike Annual Ride Calendar Worksheet

Please check with each individual event on their official event on their website, Facebook, etc. to make sure the details haven’t changed.

Springbike maintains this regional ride calendar worksheet. Rides in black are confirmed, rides in red are not finalized. We do not control dates for any of these annual rides except our own club rides. We do not recommend any ride over another. We recognize there are date conflicts. The rider should choose where they wish to ride and which group(s) they wish to support.

We do not list costs for rides because there are too many variables to include. Most rides are fundraising events with an entry cost, which usually varies by registration date (various early-bird discounts) and length of ride (longer rides cost more). Start time is the actual departure time. Please visit each individual ride page to determine actual cost and confirm start times.

Springbike Ride Dates and Info (.pdf)

Springbike Ride Dates and Info (.xls)

Please contact us with additions/corrections/deletions.

Springbike Cycling Calendar

Springbike maintains this list of all known rides and cycling-related meetings in the Springfield Missouri area. Upcoming events are listed below. You can Explore the Month-View or Subscribe to the Calendar.