How do I create a Springbike Family Member Account?

Each family account has one primary member account for the person who pays for the membership, plus separate sub-accounts for each family member. Each family member can use their sub-account to login with their email address and password to print their membership card, view member-only content, etc.After you join Springbike as a family member, follow these instructions to login to your primary Springbike account and create additional family members.

1. Visit the Springbike website (https://springbike.org/)
2. Go to the “Members” menu.
3. Login with your primary email address and password (this is the account that paid for the family membership)
4. Click on “Subscriptions” menu immediately below “Member Account Information
5. Your active “Family” membership should be shown. Click the “Family Sub-Accounts” link next to this membership
6. Any existing Family Sub-Accounts will be shown.    Note: If the family member already exists, have them follow steps 1-3 above and choose “Forgot Password” on the login page to reset their password.
7. Click the “Add Family Sub-Account” button to setup a new account for a family member.
8. Enter the family member’s EMAIL, FIRST NAME, and LAST NAME and click “Send New Member a Welcome Email”    Note: Each family member MUST have a different email address.
9. Click the “Continue” buttonThe family member will receive an email with instructions to activate their Springbike account.If you receive a “Duplicate Email” message, make sure you are using a DIFFERENT email for each family member. The family member may already be registered as a Springbike user. If so, you can add their existing account by going back to step 8 and entering their email in “Existing Username” to search for their account.

What do I get for joining?

Members can participate in club-sponsored rides and events, and receive a 10% discount on bike accessories at local participating Bike Shops. Members also save 10% on their food bill at Springfield Brewing Company and $5 off/hour at TissueIssues Massage & Bodyworks. The Tube, our monthly newsletter, keeps you up to date on what is happening, and provides tips and tricks to make cycling more enjoyable. Members pay reduced fees for Springbike sponsored rides and can ride for free if they volunteer supporting a ride.

What rides does Springbike Sponsor?

New Year’s Day and Super Bowl (unless there’s snow or ice), St. Patrick’s Day, Chili Ride and Dogwood Ride (March/April), Queen City Ride (June), Fall Metric (September).

When are there weeknight group rides?

Details regarding rides are on our Weeknight Ride Page. Helmets are required on all club rides.

What do you have for beginners?

We sponsor a Sunday Monthly Slow Roll during ride season. We have a designated Ride Leader who will ensure no one gets left behind. These rides leave from various locations each month. Check out our Facebook Event Page for more details on individual Slow Rolls.

When and where are the meetings?

We meet only during the off riding season (October-March). Currently we meet on the second Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. Check our Facebook page for details. Meetings feature a specific topic and speaker.

While we don’t have formal meetings in the Summer, we do have several club members that participate in various cycling events, often times food is involved after those rides.

What other activities can I (or my spouse, kids, etc.) be involved with besides riding my bike and attending meetings?

We have many events throughout the year that could use your help. Such as helping with logistics on long rides (rest stops, sag support, etc.), bicycle education and advocacy, or simply helping to man a booth at an event like Arts Fest.

What’s the Cost?

A one year membership is $20 individual, $30 per Family (up to 2 adults & any children under 18 at the same address)   Two year memberships are $35 individual and $55 per Family.

Can I join “the old fashioned way”?

Sure; simply download, print, fill out this form (MS Word or PDF), and return it to us with your dues, or bring both with you to our next meeting, ride, or a Summer Cookout. We offer Individual and Family memberships. Please write legibly – if we cannot decipher your address we can’t send you a membership card.

Can I join or renew online?

YES! We use PayPal. We’ll ask you for contact information, to agree to our waiver language, select the term and type, and direct you to our PayPal page. A PayPal account is not required to use their service. Payment can be made through their secure site using a debit or credit card just as you would for any online payment. After completing the PayPal payment you will be redirected to the membership form for completion.
Renew or Join online here.