Springbike Bicycle Club - Box 9823 Springfield, Missouri 65801


Become a Springbike Member Today!

Thank you for considering membership in Springbike! Help us promote enjoyable safe cycling for our members and our community with an individual membership ($15) or family membership ($25).


Application for membership to Springbike is a two-step process:

1. Payment of dues
2. Submission of the membership application form.

The order of the above steps is not critical, but both must be completed before membership cards can be sent.

Dues can be paid in either of two ways: by using the PayPal form below, or by mailing a check or money order made payable to Springbike Bicycle Club to:

Springbike Bicycle Club, Inc
PO Box 9823
Springfield, MO 65801.

A PayPal account is not required to use their service. Payment can be made through their secure site using a debit or credit card just as you would for any online payment. After completing the PayPal payment you will be redirected to the membership form on this page for completion.

The membership application form can be filled out below or can be downloaded, printed, and mailed to the above street address or brought to a club event. Please fill out the form legibly, so we can process your application without delay.

Membership application in MS Word format
Membership application in PDF format

Also note recent changes to the dues and membership system.


Step 1: Payment of Dues (optionally mail a check)

Email address

Click here to complete the payment process then return to this page:

Step 2: Fill out the application (required after paypal payment)