Springbike Club Rides

Did you miss a ride? Want to ride a route again? See below for a list of Springbike rides, along with maps, cue sheets, and GPX files. Check back for new routes each year!

Click a ride name to view a detailed ride page. These Springbike Annual rides, along with other known area rides and events are listed on the Springbike Annual Ride Calendar Worksheet & the Springbike Cycling Calendar (easier to view).

Springbike Weekly Rides – Hosted By Members

There used to be lots of weekly rides (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) hosted by Springbike. But, with all the local cycling that goes on now with local bike shops and other groups those weekly rides have been retired. We do have members, and local bike shops whose owners are members, having weekly rides and you’ll find those on the Springbike Cycling Calendar along with other cycling events.

Springbike Route Markings

Springbike routes used to be marked in yellow, but with the advent of GPS computers and mobile apps we now rely on each cyclist to download the routes and follow them on those or to use printed cue sheets. Some of the various GPS computers are Garmin or Wahoo. Some of the mobile apps are Strava or RideWithGps. We maintain detailed maps and GPX files available for every route that you’ll discover by following the links.

Springbike maintained maps and GPX files include the New Years Day, Superbowl, St Patrick’s, Chili Ride, Dogwood, Queen City, Tour de Bass, and Fall Metric, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Other annual area rides that we have in the past, and may still, maintained maps and GPX files for include the Tour de Crawdad (CCK), Red Ribbon Ride (RRR), Pancake Ride (PR), Juvenile Diabetes Poker Ride (JD), and BikeMS (MS).

If you should encounter these road markings while out riding you know what they are!

Springbike Composite Ride Map

This composite map shows an overview of all Springbike sponsored rides. Download PDF.


Springbike Annual Rides

  • New Year’s Day – Start at Logan-Rogersville Elementary School – 7297 FR 164 (@ FR 223) – 19 24 31 mile routes
  • Super Bowl – Start at Pleasant View School (AA & FR-171). These are the same routes as Tues. North.
  • St. Pat’s – Start at James River Church Church. Optional 45 mile from Dan Kinney Park on Blackman just north of Battlefield down to JRC.
  • Chili – Start at First Christian Church in Republic MO. 16 or 34 or 50 mile routes. Chili at ride finish!
  • Dogwood – Starts at St Elizabeth Ann Seton Church. 22 or 48 or 62 mile routes.
  • Queen City Century – Start varies. See QCC website for route maps and online registration. Individual route GPX files and cue sheets are available there as well.
  • Fall Metric Century – Start at the Doubletree Hotel at Glenstone & Kearney and ride through Willard and Ash Grove. Depart at 8:30. 37 & 62 mile routes.

Springbike Maintained Maps & GPX Files

  • Monday Night (PDF, GPX) – Start at Hickory Hills Middle School on Division (YY) east of Hwy 65
  • Tuesday Night North (PDF, GPX) – Start at Pleasant View School (FR 171 & AA) and goes around Fellows Lake
  • Tuesday Night South (PDF, GPX) – Start at Fellowship Bible Church at FR 205 just north of Hwy 60 and then adding some hill climbing by going down to Turner’s Station for a ride length of 24 miles. The grade climbing out of Turner’s is 13%.
  • Wednesday Night Regular (PDF, GPX) – Start at Republic Middle School on Hines just west of Hwy 60 (Price Cutter is on the corner). It is arguably the hardest night and is definitely the longest at 35 miles.
  • Wednesday Night Beginner (PDF,GPX) – Start at Republic Middle School. Beginner routes of 8 10 12 & 15 miles are available. Since all of them share a 10% grade 3 miles from the finish and the 15 mile also has a 12% grade midway you may want to consider them more of an intermediate ride.
  • Thursday Regular Ride (PDF, GPX) – Start at LDS Church. One of the fastest rides if you feel like keeping up with the pace line.
  • Thursday Night Beginner (PDF, GPX) – Start at Center Point Church. Like the Wednesday night beginner rides you can start out small and keep increasing the length over the season. These four differ primarily in length with a few grades of 6 % but most in the 3-4 % range.

Springbike Ride Notes

These are commonly used routes, on public roads for cyclists to hopefully meet and ride with others. Children should not ride without an adult and you must wear a helmet. Ride defensively and remember your actions reflect the club and all cyclists. There is no traffic control. You may be the only cyclist that attends. If you want to see who might be there, check for a post, or create your own post, on the Springbike Facebook page to see who might be going or would want to go.

Whether you are new to Springbike or a seasoned rider, we have included information here on various routes that are available. Even seasoned riders tend to ride only select nights due to schedules or the location of the ride, but each route offers its own benefits. We encourage all of our members to check each of them out. By offering multiple, longer routes, we have tried to make it more flexible, meeting the needs or time constraints of differnt riders. It also helps to have the shorter options when daylight is short!

While nothing is set in stone as to when to start a ride, we do encourage a start time of 6 p.m. from May 1st through August 31st. That allows most riders time to get off of work and get there. If you show up at a ride and there are other riders there, please don’t be shy. Introduce yourself and strike up a conversation. We were all new once. You might discover some new riding buddies! In April and September, due to less daylight, we recommend earlier start times like 5:30. In March and October, with even less daylight, we recommend 5 p.m. In November through February it gets dark very early. Always have lights on the front and back of your bike and ALWAYS have them lit up. While we all enjoy riding, we are all subject to our own schedules. Feel free to contact us on the Springbike Facebook page or on the Contact Us page.

Note: These maps are composites, meaning that all routes for that day are shown on the same PDF map or GPX file. To view or download individual routes, please visit the individual weeknight ride pages.

Springbike Disclaimers

Our insurance requires you to be a member of the Springbike Bicycle Club to participate in our rides/events. Join today! Our insurance also requires all riders must wear a helmet while riding. You must show your membership card to participate in the rides. For information on joining Springbike Bicycle Club please visit our FAQ page or our membership page. There may be an additional entry fee for certain club rides when SAG ( Support and Gear, support transportation accompanying riders), rest stops, or food are provided. The majority of our rides are free with NO SAG provided. We stress you follow all laws, ride single file, be courteous to others, and help promote a positive cycling image in the community. Oh yeah, we do have FUN too.

Additional Disclaimer: There are no provisions for traffic control. These are public roads and although traffic is usually light, there has been no special provision for your safety and YOU RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK. The club or individuals are providing information as to where many of our members ride. By participating in our club rides, you agree to wear a helmet and you agree to ride at your own risk.

All ride info above is subject to change. Springbike is not responsible for miscommunication and only provides this information as a service. Thank you.