Springbike Fall Metric Century Ride

Ride Summary

Start Time: Ride starts 8:30 AM, Breakfast at 7:00 AM 
Start Location: Doubletree Hotel at Glenstone & Kearney Map to hotel
Start Date: Saturday October 19th, 2019
End Date: same
Marking: FM (Not Maintained! Please Print Map and Cue Sheet or Download Route!)
Fall Metric map (both routes on one PDF)
Fall Metric GPX (37 mile)
Fall Metric GPX (62 mile)

Additional details:

Ride is free for Springbike members. There is a $10 breakfast buffet available for all riders.

Fall Metric 37 mile route

Download file: 2016_Fall_Metric_37_mile.gpx
Fall Metric 37 mile GPX

Fall Metric 62 mile route

Download file: 2016_Fall_Metric_62_mile.gpx
Fall Metric 62 mile GPX