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Springbike is a local club whose purpose is to promote
enjoyable safe cycling for its members and community.

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Bike Shop Discounts

Discounts we receive from the bike shops and eateries are a gift to Springbike club members The rule is plain and simple - if you want the discount, please show your membership card at time of checkout.  Make a photo of it on your phone or print a copy and carry it with you in your money container. If you have lost your card and need a new copy,  Brandon Freeman and he will send you out a new one. Enjoy The Ride!

Online membership/renewals

Our online page which uses PayPal is now up. Here it is. (Of course you can still join/renew by mail).

Volunteer Page

If you want to help make our events successful, navigate here and see how you can help. You would be surprised how many people it takes. We ask every member to forgo one ride a year and volunteer. It can be a lot of fun too.

Who is the new
Member of the Month! New!

(We always need a new one - anyone can nominate someone, just supply me with the details!)

Check out our Special Interest Pages! If you want to start a Special Interest Page, send Dave an email with the details.

Join Springbike! You will find truth and knowledge! (Lot’s more...) Members electronically receive “The Tube,” a monthly newsletter (see archived copies here), participate in club-sponsored rides and events, and receive a 10% discount on bike accessories at local participating Bike Shops  Check out all the upcoming events here...

To join Springbike, simply fill out this fill out this form (Word or .pdf) and return it to us, come to our next meeting or ride, or do it online here. Need more information? Try our About Us and Frequently Asked Questions pages.

Welcome to Springbike!


Browse our site, tell a friend, and remember, ride safely!

Upcoming Rides and Events
(click here for the full calendar)

Next Club Ride - The Cornus florida (Dogwood 64) and the Daffodil Dandy (20) - Saturday April 18

Starts from tennis court/Veteran’s Memorial parking lot just west of the middle school  in Republic, 64 mile @8:30, 20 mile @10 a.m. - gpx file, map and cue sheet .pdf, cue sheet .doc This is a “Show-and-Go,” members-only ride. Please bring your Membership Card or just take a picture of it on your phone. (see below)

A Special Ride - Ash Grove - May 2

It would be hard to find a local cyclist who has never been to Ash Grove and been entertained by Tom who owns Clairs “C” Market in Ash Grove. The stories abound thru many of us about the funny stories he tells, many cyclists have visited his store on a hot summer day only to have Tom break out the slushy machine or sometimes it may be ice cream. The funny post cards of cyclists hung up to be weighed in like a trophy. Tom has greeted cross country travelers from around the globe with the same flare and pleasantries. Several of us have been there when someone stops in to tell tales of where they have come from and then have Tom tell them some other tale followed with that laugh. As a long time supporter of all of us, Tom has had a huge loss. Tom’s wife lost her battle with cancer on March 17th. We are going to ride up to Ash Grove on May 2nd to say thanks for that he has done and to show support. Those wanting to join us can meet up at the New Vision Missionary Church on 1440 N. AB Hwy at 10:00 a.m. (Many of us know it as The Elwood Church.) This will be a 30 mile (total) out and back course, no support, no SAG. More details to follow soon. Many options are out there if you want to start at Willard or Republic to make it a longer ride. Please feel free to bring or donate what ever you wish, or just a short word to Tom. 

How to make you Membership Card appear with one touch...

Since you will need to show your membership card to receive the 10% discount at local bike shops and to register for Springbike rides, here’s an easy way to do it. Well this is how for an Android phone (and there are surely other ways). When one of you iPhoners figures it out, send me the procedure and I’ll put it up.

  1. Download a small Springbike logo here (move it to your phone or download it directly from your phone. (Remember where you put it on your phone). This step is optional and is just for the shortcut Icon. You can use others.
  2. Take a picture of your card on your phone. (Remember where you put it on your phone).
  3. Go to the Play Store and download the free app "File Shortcut.” It looks like this. Icon Put it on a “back page” as you won't actually use it.
  4. Launch your picture viewing app (I use the Gallery) long-touch on the picture and select “Share.” Then select “File Shortcut.” Icon Change the Shortcut Name to SB_Card or something similar. Pick an Icon from Presets or use the Springbike logo you previously downloaded. 
  5. Move the new shortcut to a convenient place on the phone face.
  6. One touch and done.

Important Changes to Dues and Membership System!

To simplify record keeping, Springbike has re-structured their membership and dues system. From this point forward, all memberships will start, and yearly dues will be payable on March 1, 2016. This includes any members that have joined, or will join this calendar year. The exception is for those holding a 2 year membership which expires after March 1, 2016. These will come due on March 1, 2017.

Springbike Needs a Co-Ride Coordinator

For the past several years, Gary Ledford has done an amazing job of planning and coordinating all of the Club rides, as well as hauling the Club trailer and cooking at the monthly summer BBQs. Gary has agreed to continue to work in this area, but will not be able to do all of things he has done in the past.

 Gary will continue to:

  • Plan and mark the routes for Club Sponsored Rides – Chile, Dogwood, Queen City and Fall Metric.
  • &nb Plan and mark routes for the Club “Show and Go” rides – New Year’s Day, Super Bowl and St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Refresh markings for the various routes on the 4 weekday rides.i>
  • Distribute info on Club rides to the local bike stores and other locations.
  •  Increase Springbike visibility by coordinating Club assistance in planning, marking, etc. other charitable rides in the local area, e.g., Tour de Bass.

The Club is seeking someone(s) that can be a Co-Ride Coordinator with primary responsibilities as follows:

  •  Coordinate Volunteers for Club Sponsored Rides
  • Queen City – rest stops, registration and SAGs
  •  Chile, Dogwood and Fall Metric – registration and SAGs.
  •  Purchase food, ice and beverages, etc. for Queen City, Dogwood, Fall Metric and BBQs.
  • Store leftover perishables for next ride.
  • Borrow coolers, fill and bring to Club sponsored rides.
  • Head cook for the Dogwood, Fall Metric and BBQs.
  • Restock the Club trailer as needed.
  • Recruit others and/or assist in marking the longer routes, e.g., Queen City and Fall Metric.

In successful organizations, someone always steps up and helps. It’s your turn now. Contact President Steve Raper

Springbike Facebook Update

Perhaps you know we’ve had a growing Facebook presence for a while. Just look for Springbikeclub. Members should have received an invite to our new Private Springbike page. It will mirror somewhat the old page but be a more controlled version where members can participate in a more controlled environment. If you get on Facebook and search for Springbike, you will find both pages. The Private page is “Springbike” while the older public page is “Springbike Bicycle Club.”

Route Maps and Planning your Rides

We’ve had a web page for route planning with maps for a long time (hidden under
the Special Interest Tab above), but Ozark Greenways has put up a new web site, LetsGoSmart.org that really does have great up-to-date information.

Want to re-ride some of our recent event routes?

Go to our Rides Archives Page. . here you’ll find the maps, cue sheets, and .gpx files. We can’t say that the road markings are all still there but you will have the cue sheets and maps.

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