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Area Route Happenings (IMPORTANT)

If you aren’t already aware, there are several road closings happening in the area that will affect several of our bike routes this summer.

Starting Monday the 18th, you will not be able to cross over Hwy 60 on Farm Road 253. That is being permanently closed as they replace it with an interchange. This is on the Tuesday night south ride.

The good news is, riders can take Center street west to the light and cross over there and go through Jamestown, or go east into Rogersville on Center Street and cross at Hwy B/VV (Hardee’s). That intersection is also under construction, but B/VV is supposed to remain open the entire time as Hwy 60 will be going up and over it.

Wednesday night rides out of Republic are cancelled for this season. All of the longer routes utilize the Hwy N/T bridge over over I-44. That bridge will no longer exist the weekend after Memorial Day. That project is on a fast track for replacement with it being anticipated to being back open for traffic by the time school starts in the fall and being totally complete by mid October. The detour for vehicular traffic is Hwy 266 to Route B/MM bridge over I-44 to the east. Looking forward to next spring, FR 253 will likely be closed to cyclists as a bridge will be placed over the railroad tracks.

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