David’s Summary of Bicycle Facility Construction in Springfield Area – May 2020


  • Work is expected to start in early May to widen Fremont Avenue from Sunset Street to Battlefield Road to five lanes including 10-foot side path and sidewalk 
  • Cherry Street from Barnes Avenue to Oak Grove Avenue has been been widened to three lanes with bike lanes and sidewalks 
  • Construction is underway on Fulbright Springs Trail between Lost Hill Park and David C Murray Park (1.5-mile) with opening expected this Spring. This will result in six-mile trail segment from Truman School to Ritter Springs Park
  • The Frisco Highline Trail is now open at MM3.  However, the trail may be closed 15 minutes once daily between 10 am and 2 pm M-F when rock blasting occurs. 

Other Nearly Complete and Recently Completed Construction

  • Primrose Street has been widened to four lanes with width for bike lanes between Cox Hospital and South Avenue.  
  • Mt. Vernon Street bridge over Jordan Creek has been rebuilt including a Jordan Creek Trail connection to Mt. Vernon Street sidewalk and cell for future trail under Mt. Vernon Street. 

Other Current Construction

  • Bridge on Barrington Avenue (south of Battlefield Road east of West Bypass) is being constructed including extending South Creek Trail to south side of new bridge
  • US Highway 160 is being widened to four lanes parallel to the Frisco Highline Trail. The Frisco Highline Trail may be closed for rock blasting and may be closed in the future near Mile Marker 4.5 south of Hunt Road (FR 103) for construction of a connector trail crossing under US Highway 160. Traffic on US 160 is now diverted for construction of pedestrian underpass under US 160 south of Hunt Road.

Funded Construction (completion within next year)

  • Jordan Creek West Meadows Trail is to be constructed as a one-half mile out and back trail east from Fort Avenue north of College Street (advertise for bids in spring 2020).
  • Fasnight Creek Trail will be constructed from Jefferson Avenue to Kimbrough Avenue and from Holland Avenue to Clay Avenue
  • Traffic Calming projects will be constructed at South Avenue and Pershing Street, Cherry Street and Pickwick Avenue, Jefferson Avenue and Elm Street, and Benton Avenue and Calhoun Street
  • Fellows Lake Dirt 66 Phase One including five to seven miles of single-track trail is to be constructed this spring and summer 
  • A sidewalk is to be constructed along West Division Street from Kansas Expressway to West Avenue
  • Additional walkway/trail is to be added to East Commons (at East Trafficway and National Avenue)
  • The Jefferson Avenue Footbridge over the BNSF Railroad is to be rehabilitated and accessible features added

Under Design

  • Division Street from Fremont Avenue to Glenstone Avenue is to be widened to three lanes with 10-foot sidepath on south side connecting to Jordan Creek Trail and sidewalk on north side
  • Republic Road between James River Freeway and Fairview Avenue including Campbell Avenue intersection is to be widened to two through lanes east and west, double left turn lanes, right-turn slip lanes, bike lanes, sidewalks and pedestrian signals.  Bike lanes are to be extended from James River Freeway to Kansas Avenue.
  • Galloway Creek Trail will be reconstructed from south of Sequiota Park to Republic Road
  • Galloway Road from Luster Avenue to Lone Pine Avenue is to be widened and levelled including two through lanes and a two-way left turn lane on a curb and gutter street and a sidewalk on one side and a bicycle sidepath on the other side and intersection modifications at each end
  • Central Street between Clay Avenue and Jefferson Avenue is to be reconstructed as a complete street with a sidewalk on one side and a sidepath on the other and a roundabout at Benton Avenue
  • The bridge on Main Avenue over Jordan Creek will be rebuilt including sidewalk and sidepath on roadway surface
  • Walnut Street bridge over Jordan Creek is to be replaced including provision for trail along Jordan Creek 
  • Grant Avenue from Walnut Street to Sunshine Street will be reconstructed to include a side path on one side, improved 5-foot sidewalk on other side, underground utilities, landscaping, improved lighting and other features funded by a BUILD Grant. 
  • A trail project in Ozark connecting the Ozark Community Center with the Junior High School and the High School including two grade separations under State Highway 14 will be constructed concurrent with widening of SR 14.
  • Fassnight Creek Trail will be extended from Kimbrough Avenue to the Springfield Art Museum.
  • Cherokee Trail of Tears Trail will be constructed as a walk-bike trail through Battlefield City Park with connections to public streets west and north of the park.
  • City of Republic and Greene County will acquire right-of-way for a walk/bike trail along Elm Street and Farm Road 182 between Matteson Avenue and State Highway ZZ.


  • Springfield’s Comprehensive Plan update Forward SGF is underway. Map your priorities at https://www.forwardsgf.com/ and learn about the update of Springfield’s Comprehensive Plan.