By Wil Wheelock – SpringBike President 2023

We had our final members meeting last night. From now on we will be having a club meeting. That will be March 13 at 7:00 pm at the Holiday Inn Express located at 3050 North Kentwood Avenue. We are still looking for someone to fill the membership position. We have 261 members. Dale Nimmo is working on updating our calendar for the year and should have that out shortly. The current treasury balance is $3100 which will leave Springbike with a deficit at the end of the year. The major cost to the club is our insurance and computer programs.

We are developing some plans both for the short term and long term correction of the shortfall. Short term Springbike has a trailer that in the past was used for hauling our rest stop gear. It has not been used for three years. While it is a good trailer it will need maintenance to make it road worthy. The cost of a new trailer is $6000. Springbike received an offer for $3000 as is. It was voted on and approved.

Long term solutions are currently being discussed. Raise dues, sell sponsorships, shop around for different insurance, cut some of the computer programs and start fundraisers. If you have a suggestion please let’s hear them.

Finally we got down to some fun stuff and talked about upcoming rides. The next ride will be our St. Pats ride on March 18. We had a great turnout for the Super bowl ride and I hope this one will be as successful. In the past Springbike has not scheduled rides in the summer to allow for charity rides. We all joined this club to go riding so this year we will be offering at least one Saturday ride a month. If there is a scheduling conflict in the future please support your favorite charity ride. Do you have a favorite route? Share it with us.

This year we will be having week night rides starting when the time changes.

Monday Night Rides

Many many many people would like to continue the Bicycle outlet ride. It is super popular. I want you continue to do that ride if you enjoy it. Springbike’s goal is to get you on your bike not to demand a following of our club. I spoke to Tim about a week ago and asked him if he would want our assistance with his ride. He graciously declined our help and said he wanted to retain control of it.

So there are some options. The old Tuesday night ride leaving Fellowship Bible church going to turners station and then to Rogersville. A ride starting in Willard turning into a gravel ride might be a nice change. If you have a suggestion please get it in quick because the date is coming up quickly

Tuesday Night Rides

We will start at the Pleasant View school. Wednesday we will leave from the Republic park.

Thursday Night Rides

We will leave from the temple at Mentor. Friday lets take a break, but what a great time to have a pop up night ride. So that leaves

Other Event Ideas

Some other event ideas that members have brought up. An Amish ride, that would be a gravel ride stopping at an Amish store, tack shop and farm. A free will or nominal donation could be made to their local school. A swap meet.