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Important Changes to Dues and Membership System!

To simplify record keeping, Springbike has re-structured their membership and dues system. From this point forward, all memberships will start, and yearly dues will be payable on March 1, 2016. This includes any members that have joined, or will join this calendar year. The exception is for those holding a 2 year membership which expires after March 1, 2016. These will come due on March 1, 2017.

6 Responses

  1. Can you send me my membership card. I can not find it in my inbox. Thank you.
  2. My membership expired on March 1, 2017. How do I renew? I don't see it on the website and forgot to ask at last meeting. Thanks Charles Givens
    • Duane Keys
      HI Charles, renew here: http://springbike.org/membership/
  3. We have membership that expires 31 August 2016 and received e-mail that stated we will be taken off list to receive tube and our membership has expired. According to what I am reading we are good, but e-mail did not reflect this.
  4. I paid dues on 03/18, will I get a card or something to reflect this. Thanks Joe
    • Duane Keys
      Joe it was emailed on 3/27. Would you like it sent again?

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