For the past several years, Gary Ledford has done an amazing job of planning and coordinating all of the Club rides, as well as hauling the Club trailer and cooking at the monthly summer BBQs. Gary has agreed to continue to work in this area, but will not be able to do all of things he has done in the past.

Gary will continue to:

  • Plan and mark the routes for Club Sponsored Rides – Chili, Dogwood, Queen City and Fall Metric.
  • Plan and mark routes for the Club “Show and Go” rides – New Year’s Day, Super Bowl and St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Refresh markings for the various routes on the 4 weekday rides.i>
  • Distribute info on Club rides to the local bike stores and other locations.
  • Increase Springbike visibility by coordinating Club assistance in planning, marking, etc. other charitable rides in the local area, e.g., Tour de Bass.

The Club is seeking someone(s) that can be a Co-Ride Coordinator with primary responsibilities as follows:

  • Coordinate Volunteers for Club Sponsored Rides
  • Queen City – rest stops, registration and SAGs
  • Chili, Dogwood and Fall Metric – registration and SAGs.
  • Purchase food, ice and beverages, etc. for Queen City, Dogwood, Fall Metric and BBQs.
  • Store leftover perishables for next ride.
  • Borrow coolers, fill and bring to Club sponsored rides.
  • Head cook for the Dogwood, Fall Metric and BBQs.
  • Restock the Club trailer as needed.
  • Recruit others and/or assist in marking the longer routes, e.g., Queen City and Fall Metric.

In successful organizations, someone always steps up and helps. It’s your turn now. Contact President Steve Raper by email here.